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 Knights of Equestria temp forum

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PostSubject: Knights of Equestria temp forum   Knights of Equestria temp forum EmptyWed Apr 13, 2011 4:36 am

Until we can get a legit website, if we ever do, then we can use this place. Bookmark it. It may end up moving slow.

For now the only boards are General and Basket. Do whatever you want within forummotion's terms and conditions in the Basket area. That basically means no porn and such. I don't really care what you put there, but if you put something there that gets the forum deleted everyone suffers for it so please don't be a moron.

All other discussion, serious or otherwise, goes here in the General section. As more people sign up I may make more categories if there's a need for them. Seeing as I am currently the only member, there is no need for them.

I hope you all enjoy your stay.
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Knights of Equestria temp forum
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