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 Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns

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PostSubject: Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns   Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 3:20 am

TL;DR: Below this is a chart displaying prices of recipes and materials.
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Yeah, the price of CE lately is bad, but nonetheless still manageable. I've been asked some questions on how I make my money and I'm willing to share my knowledge.

It's all about taking every oppertunity. Being in this guild helps a lot (especially if you're a new player) considering plenty of us are willing to loan things or even give things for free at times. FYI, if you're a newer player and can't afford much, consider asking fellow ponies to loan you some crowns. Beware - you gotta contribute! If they're kind enough to loan you money, you best pay back asap!

But with these simple methods, you'll be able to get outta debt pretty quickly. Trust me, I manage and I'm now making loads! I've only been playing for a few days too.

First thing's first, the core of it all is to go through some dungeons. Make crowns, buy CE, make more crowns, buy more CE. You gain little profit (let alone, slow) but it's a start nonetheless. From investing, say, a batch of 100 CE you buy (which costs around 4k crowns these days), you should make well over 5k Crowns in return from dungeons.

As for the real money making, I go with Recipe Merchanting and Material selling. Another good way to make money is selling premade items through crafting.

Recipe Merchanting

Next, you can start doing business. Basil, the merchant who appears at the middle of every tier of floors, sells recipes for pretty much every item that's craftable in the game. The idea is to buy recipes from him and sell them to other players for a bit more than you bought for. The cost of buying these recipes from Basil are as follows:

1* - 250cr
2* - 1,000cr
3* - 5,500cr
4* - 15,000cr
5* - 45,000cr

Don't even bother with the 1* recipes - nobody buys em. If you're just starting off merchanting, you're gonna want to start at the 2* recipes. BUT! Don't just go and buy any recipe you see. You have to consider if that recipe is something that can sell easy.

For instance, popular item recipes include all of the Wolver Coat/Cap recipes (from 2* to 5*), Faust, G Faust, Avenger, D Avenger, Silversix/Blackhawk, Spur (2*-4*) and so on. If you want an idea of what should be good to buy and resell, just join the trade chat and see what people are buying/selling the most.

Now there is a general area of which each tier of recipe sells for. If you're gonna sell the recipes to other players, people generally buy them for:

1* - not sure, nobody really buys 1* recipes
2* - 3,000cr
3* - 8,000cr
4* - 18,000cr
5* - 55,000cr

Now these aren't the exact prices. Consider how high in demand your recipe is and adjust willingly. Most people will try to haggle you down but set limits. I never sell 3* recipes for less than 17k, for instance. To make things easier, the general rule is to sell the recipe for at least 2k the price you bought it for (or however much profit you want).

Material Selling

No matter how low or high you can make profit off this, DO IT. Mats are popular in the market as most people are frequently missing that one or two mat for the thing they want to craft.

First things first is obtaining the materials. Remember that:

Tier 1 floors tend to drop 0* to 2* materials
Tier 2 floors tend to drop 0* to 4* Materials
Tier 3 floors drop all

Other methods of obtaining mats is to spend your valuable tokens (grim sparks, primal sparks, etc) on materials. I would only do this if I'm really in need of money and don't need those tokens for anything important.

Now for the prices, they generally go by:

0* - 50cr (0* mats are shards. They vary from shard to shard - blue is often the highest in demand)
1* - 100cr
2* - 400cr
3* - 1,000cr
4* - 2,500cr
5* - 15,000cr

UPDATE: Prices have been lowering lately, so I have updated the list.

Again, these are not exact prices. They vary from mat to mat - consider (and I REALLY mean consider) the Rarity (seewhatididthere) and usefullness of the material. Swordstones are often in demand and are 2*, so they can go for ~600 while monster bones (also a 2* mat) go for ~400.

Always... Always... ALWAYS offer to sell mats when you are selling ANYTHING (like recipes or premade items). Trust me, the money you gain from selling mats adds up and you end up getting much more than you expect! Of course I do not mean to sell every mat - keep the ones you need and if someone wants to buy a material you need, just say it's not for sale.


Once you are stable and are able to afford your own recipes to learn, put them to good use! Sometimes a buyer doesn't want a recipe and instead wants an item PREMADE, therefore seeking out people to craft items for them. However, remember you can only sell items that are not bound - don't equip an item you want to sell after making it! (Equipping items binds them to you, making them untradable).

Generally, premade items sell for:

1* - not sure
2* - 3,000cr
3* - 8,000cr
4* - not sure
5* - not sure
(I do not normally craft for money so I do not know prices)

These prices consider the current price of CE, so they may vary much! Sometimes an item you craft will obtain a UV. Often times when people buy premade items with a UV, they pay more. Prices of this really depend on what kind of UV and how strong it is.

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Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns   Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns EmptyThu Apr 28, 2011 1:56 am

Good man Zetta, I'm glad a fair amount of my many random investments are going to a sales savy pony.
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Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns   Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns EmptyTue May 03, 2011 12:28 am

The number one best way to make fast, easy money is to sell Unique Variants, but that's entirely luck based and you need a good financial backing to even try that anyway.
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Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns   Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns Empty

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Lux's guide to E-Z Crowns
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