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 Hello, everypony.

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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

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Hello, everypony. Empty
PostSubject: Hello, everypony.   Hello, everypony. EmptyMon Jun 27, 2011 5:12 pm

I'm a proud brony/Spiral Knights player. I've been playing since the beta, but I quit due to fear of losing everything (not that I had anything spectacular) come actual release. A stupid idea, but now I'm back, and struggled my way into Tier 2.

I'm interested in joining any Equestrian clan that I can, but I have no idea if there is more than just one (I read somewhere that the main one regarding this forum is full).

I'm working to become a powerful Gunslinger; and I plan on running with both Magnus lines and a Prismatech line (underused; people don't see the advantage), but currently I tote a sword with a blaster for safety, as I usually solo. I've yet to ever play in a group.

So, anything for a newcomer?

Note: I'm not the most active forumgoer ever, I'm more of a lurker. However, I'm on Spiral Knights ALOT, even when I completely lack any usable energy you can find me doshing around in haven or the advanced training area.
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Hello, everypony. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello, everypony.   Hello, everypony. EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 1:16 am

hello.. i am Mark from USA ,Ak,Anchorage,nice to meet you,im just new here..i'll hope that i can have new friend here..

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Hello, everypony.
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