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 CeruleanStarlight is outta here.

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Cerulean Starlight

Cerulean Starlight

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CeruleanStarlight is outta here. Empty
PostSubject: CeruleanStarlight is outta here.   CeruleanStarlight is outta here. EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 8:36 pm

I gave Adieux 572 crystal energy.

I gave BigMacintosh a Critter Carapace, a Beast Scale, two Monster Bones, six units of Brimstone, twelve Ecto Drops, four Gel Cores, three Bronze Bolts, a Royal Core, nine Rocky Cores, a Waste Module, three Blighted Bones, 24 Cooling Cells, twenty units of Nightshade, five Power Cells, two Static Clingers, seven Blue Shards, two Sharp Fangs, three three Dark Shards, seven units of Scrap Metal, seven Red Shards, five Green Shards, three Gel Drops and three Light Shards.

I have two Mist Tanks and won't be using any of my mist energy, so feel free to post here or email Alex999139@hotmail.com to ask me to craft with my mist energy. You'll need to supply crowns and materials.
I've learned the recipes for the two-star Calibur, Cryotech Alchemer, Owlite Shield, Skelly Mask and Vitasuit Plus, and the three-star drake Scale helm, Gunslinger Sash and Scarlet Shield.

Is this the part when I say, "Bang."?
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CeruleanStarlight is outta here.
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