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 A Challenger Appears!

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A Challenger Appears!  Empty
PostSubject: A Challenger Appears!    A Challenger Appears!  EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 1:46 pm

Greeting everypony! Fellow spiral knight and brony extraordinaire Kurisu-Senkaku reporting for duty!


And ready to kick some ass in ten seconds flat. Well, kinda... I'm still using my spiral equipment from my start three days ago, but I've got Tier 2 gear recipes and the material to build them (I'm just out of energy is all), so it should rectify itself soon (with the downside of not being able to venture into the clockworks for awhile).

But my rantings aside... Glad to see there's other ponies out there that play Spiral Knights and I hope to tag along and contribute to any future adventures you all happen to have. Very Happy
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A Challenger Appears!
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